Working with
Only the Best in
Home Design.

Texas Fine Homes doesn’t merely use the highest-quality materials to carry out builds, renovation work and ongoing maintenance. We work alongside quality people, too. Our professional partners are experts in home design. Their vision and unique artistic touches allow families to put their own personal stamp on their luxury homes. View our list of recent architectural and design partners here.

Architectural Firms

  • Reagan Andre Architecture
  • Kelly Cusimano, Cusimano Architect
  • Roger M. Cooner Architect
  • Rudy Colby, Colby Design
  • Carlo Di Nunzio, Di Nunzio Lifestyle Architects
  • Randall-Porterfield Architects
  • John Blackman
  • Brandon Breaux Design

Design Firms

  • Julie Baker
  • Ginger Barber, Ginger Barber Design
  • Eleanor Cummings
  • Linda Eyles, Linda Eyles Design
  • Catherine Brooks Giuffre, CBG Interiors
  • John Green, Indigo Interior Design
  • John Kidd, John Kidd Associates
  • Elisabeth McCabe, Ecco Design
  • Munger Interiors
  • Elizabeth Young, ESY Design
  • Nicole Zarr, Triangle Interiors