Placed Proudly
Among the Top Home
Builders in Houston.

At Texas Fine Homes, our team thrives on building solid relationships with the incredible clients we serve. We are proud to say that many of the individuals we have worked with in the past rank us among the top fine home builders in Houston. More importantly, they consider us friends. Below, you’ll find just a sampling of the many wonderful people with whom we have worked through the years.

  • Mr. George & Mrs. Kathy Britton
  • Mr. David & Mrs. Cathy Bullen
  • Mr. Rick & Mrs. Betty Carrell
  • Mr. Sam & Mrs. Caroline Chase
  • Ms. Joanne Cones
  • Mr. Robert & Mrs. Pam Cooner
  • Mr. Peter & Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper
  • Mr. Hunter & Mrs. Dawn Cornell
  • Mr. JW & Mrs. Mary Daubert
  • Mr. John & Mrs. Anne Freeman
  • Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Adriana Greene
  • Mr. Brandon & Mrs. Michelle Holcomb
  • Mr. Steve & Mrs. Alicia Howe
  • Mr. Sam & Mrs. Susan Jones
  • Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Meredith Maierson
  • Mr. Scott & Mrs. Mindy Martin
  • Ms. Elizabeth McCabe
  • Mr. Gene & Mrs. Katherine McFaddin
  • Mr. Ricardo & Mrs. Mary Perusquia
  • Mr. Greg & Mrs. Sailor Robbins
  • Ms. Charlotte Rothwell
  • Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Linda Rubenstein
  • Mr. Mike Smith
  • Mr. Oliver & Mrs. Melissa Tuckerman
  • Ms. Patricia Walker
  • Mr. Dane & Mrs. Kenna Whitehead